6x15 BAM Fuel Tube - 1 Gallon - No Brackets included
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BAM Fuel Tubes

Sometimes on the trail, a little extra fuel can sure come in handy! Perfect for Off Road Vehicles, Motorcycles, and ATVs

6x15 BAM Fuel Tube - holds approx 1.5 Gallon

  • Bottle top design makes pouring easy
  • Made out of Spun Aluminum
  • Actual height, including the bottle neck portion of the tank is approx 18"
  • Billet threaded cap and O-ring ensures a tight seal
  • Mounting Brackets are Not included

Our Tanks are 100% American Made!


***Note to customer: please be advised that our tanks have a spun sanded finish and are not smooth to the touch. For those wishing to polish or paint their tanks, we also offer a smoother tank “without a spun finish” that is ideal for polishing or painting. When you check out to pay, there is a notes section where you can indicate that you require the smooth finish for painting or polishing

  • Item #: BAM615-NBR

6x15 BAM Fuel Tube - 1 Gallon - No Brackets included

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