6x20 Center Fill 2 Gallon - Internal Baffle Stainless Brackets
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BAM - Motorcycle Auxiliary Fuel Tour Tanks 

For the Motorcycle Enthusiast, Traveller, and Adventurer! 

We are the World Wide leader in manufacturing the highest quality motorcycle auxiliary fuel tanks.  


These tanks hold more fuel than our standard style Spun Aluminum gas tanks, because of their unique end cap design

 6x20 Center Fill - 2 Gallon

  • Internal Baffle - Prevents sloshing and sudden weight transfer
  • 1/4 Turn Non-vented gas cap with 1/4 inch vent tube in filler neck for vent line
  • 1/4 inch NPT outlet - located bottom center
  • Set of Unpolished Stainless Steel Brackets included

Our Tanks are 100% American Made!


***Note to customer: please be advised that our tanks have a spun sanded finish and are not smooth to the touch. For those wishing to polish or paint their tanks, we also offer a smoother tank “without a spun finish” that is ideal for polishing or painting. When you check out to pay, there is a notes section where you can indicate that you require the smooth finish for painting or polishing

  • Item #: T620BAM-TOUR-SS

6x20 Center Fill 2 Gallon - Internal Baffle Stainless Brackets

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